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Meet our 2022-2023 Team

Executive Board


Alex Nguyen


Hey everyone! I’m Alex! It is my fourth year studying chemical engineering here at UH. I’ve been in SASE since my freshman year so I’m hoping I can do those officers proud! My hobbies include skateboarding, games, watching movies, and hanging out with friends, so feel free to get in touch if you ever wanna hang out! It is going to be a big semester this year, and I can’t wait to meet you all and to welcome you all to our amazing community!

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President's Vision

"Hello everyone. I am incredibly honored to be your SASE president this year! Three years ago, I never would have imagined leading and being at the forefront of such a wonderful and diverse community. SASE has given me so many great opportunities to improve professionally and socially. There were so many great mentors and officers that I looked up to as role models and that pushed me out of my comfort zone to improve and better myself. I want everyone to be able to tell the same story to a company rep, or their friends, or their family: that they found an amazing community and a wonderful group of people that pushed them to improve yet were people they could fall back on. I look forward to meeting all of you this year!"


Jamal Stewart

VP Internal

Hey SASE fam! I’m Jamal, your VP internal for the 2022-2023 school year. I am currently in my senior year at UH majoring in computer engineering. I have an interest in going to hip coffee shops, eating foods from different cultures, watching anime, losing in Valorant, and working out. I can’t wait to meet all of you looking to join SASE this year, and if any of you need anything or just want to say hi, don’t be afraid to reach out to me.

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Carter Ung

VP External

Hi I'm Carter! I am a 4th year at UH studying BME and CS. I am the current Vice President - External and I have been a long time SASE member since early 2020. Outside of 

school, I love sports and physical activities like basketball and working out! I also love to travel and try new things. I'm excited to meet all of you and reach out to me if you need anything.

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Jay Lim


Hi, I am Jay. I’m a ChemE sophomore and the treasurer for SASE this year. I’ve been enjoying badminton recently, so let me know if you’d like to play. Besides that, I like boba, ping pong, and trying restaurants and cafe around Houston. We’ve put a lot of work into planning our events and programs, hopefully y’all enjoy them and stick around with us. Can’t wait to meet everyone.

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General Board


Nathan Turen


What’s up everyone! I’m Nathan and I am going to be yalls secretary for the 2022-2023 school year. I’m a second year majoring in computer science and some things I like to do outside of school include playing valorant, soccer, eating good food, and working out. Feel free to let me know if you want to run a couple games of val or hit a workout. I’m excited to meet all of yall!

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Melody Nguyen

Event Coordinator

Hi! I’m Melody Nguyen, and I’m excited to work with everyone as your event coordinator this year. I am a sophomore majoring in mechanical engineering. I enjoy designing or anything artsy, shopping, and boba. I’m always down to do anything active or play sports (hmu if you tryna play ultimate frisbee with me :D).

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Tina Tran

Social Chair

What’s up what’s up, I’m Tina and I’m currently a sophomore in electrical engineering. I’m your social chair for this year and I can’t wait to meet everyone! I’m into cars like old jdm’s, lifting, playing games, watching anime, and cooking. I love to attend events and have fun with everyone, so there’s your warning for the semester >:) !! I’m excited for what’s to come and I hope that everyone enjoys the SASE community as much as I do.

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Jace Jester

Media Chair

Hey everyone, I’m Jace! I am currently a fourth year student transferring into MECE from MECT. In my free time I like to do photography (wow surprising huh), gaming, designing and building stuff, and sports (badminton, frisbee, etc.), and sometimes watch anime and kdramas. I look forward to working with everyone this year and hope to capture all the memories we make this year as your media chair.

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Jasmine Dhaliwal

Volunteering Chair

Hiya, I’m Jasmine Dhaliwal! I’m a BME super senior, and I’m the Volunteering Chair for this year. When I’m not suffering in school, I’m watching kdramas or YouTube with my sister, vibing with my birds, and rollerskating!

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Eric Lai


Hello y’all, I am Eric Lai and I’m very excited to be your webmaster this year. I am currently a junior majoring in chemical engineering. Feel free to ask me anything, I am down to do anything and everything.  I love being asked questions and playing video games such as valorant or minecraft.

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