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Do I have to be in STEM to join?

You do not have to be a STEM major to join SASE; we welcome every major to join! We believe that regardless your major, SASE can provide some benefit to your college experience.

Do I have to be Asian to join?

Regardless of background, SASE is open to any culture and strives for diversity, inclusion, and belonging.

Are events member-only?

Events are open to all UH students! However, members have exclusive benefits such as access to our alumni network, family system, being able to participate in auction night and earn prizes, and reduced banquet ticket prices.

What are some resources I can use to look for my next job?

Linkedin: Linkedin is a great professional network to connect and build your professional relationships, find jobs and internships, and show off your resume! A complete Linkedin profile includes work experiences, education, accomplishments, and skills which can all be beneficial when applying to jobs and connecting to recruiters! There is a Job page where you can search up what you want and apply to all the job openings!

If you have general inquiries about anything, feel free to email
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